The Costs


There are three pricing structures at the farm, and these are determined buy the breeder himself. However, we understand that you must work to your budget, and we are not here to ‘up sell’ you. Our aim it to put forward the most suitable horse(s) for you, within your budget and at the price we can afford to sell them at. The remit will be broadened if you do not have fixed ideas on colour, sex or age. Finding the right horse should be your goal, as it is ours. We do not recognise ‘mare ish’ behaviour as an example; they are turned out in mixed herds and live peaceably within their social hierarchy.

Horses start at around 5000 euros  – we have older horses, whom as I have previously explained, originated from the farm and have come back to us, that are slightly less, and horses that are more. The breeder set’s the value.

Transport  has been altered significantly since Brexit. The cost is approximately 1,500 euros, however, we no longer have to impose VAT on the horses, so the over all outcome is much the same. We use type 2 certificated professional transporters, who are able to arrange transport globally. We stay in constant contact with them and yourself until they have reached your country of destination, thereafter,  they will keep in contact with you, and finally, we ask you to let us know when your horse has arrived.

We provide the EU exportation documents, this includes traceability, passports and departmental level sign off by the Government Department of Public Protection who control livestock movement in France.

We also provide all shoeing, training, vetinary inspections for export clearance. Alongside video evidence of your horse in work once the training has progressed.

We are also able to arrange car hire or a collection service.

Accommodation (circa18th) for Bed and Breakfast starts at 30 euros PPPN, dinner including wine is 15 euros PP.

Gite accommodation (circa18th) is also available at 65 euros PN, for two people, minimum stay 2 nights. Firewood is included during the winter months. Dinner can be provided.

Hotel accommodation – a former 17th century coaching inn is available from 100 euros per room PN.

What we are responsible for;

All training specific to your requirements and evidence of this.

Vaccinations to conform to your liveries standards.

Vetting – You are at liberty to select your own vet, or use the farms veterinary surgeon.

Shoes (if required)

Brought together by the Normandies, at the Bed & Breakfast