What makes us different?

Elevage Jouvin, home to the true Normandy Cob

Here on the farm in Normandy, we have around 80 cobs. Each one of them is as individual as you or I. We are breeders not dealers, and that is what makes the difference. It is in as much as our interests as it yours to see our honourable horses placed in the correct homes. Each one has been bred and raised with impeccable care, and the right education. We do not train other peoples horses, we are purely concerned with our own. This means that when you come here, you can be assured that we know the horses background from start to finish, indeed, the vast majority of previous owners insist we ‘buy back’ our previous equine charges. This can be for many reasons, divorce, ill health or retirement. It gives them great comfort to know that they will be returning to their original home, and therefore the horses that come back to us are in the very privileged position to have had just one previous careful home.

We do not breed our horses to be passed from pillar to post, this breed is too small and too rare; we are utterly dedicated to preserving them for future generations to enjoy. We actively desire to keep in contact with you, there is nothing we love more than to receive news of them. We have files full of letters and pictures from their owners describing their gratitude, pride and joy in owning a cob ‘JOUVIN’

This is just the start of the difference, consider if you will, this concept…The Breeder AND The buyer, all working TOGETHER on the same page and above all else, putting the HORSE first.

Whilst we are in the business of selling horses, we also reserve the right to refuse too; whilst it is true to say it is the buyers decision to buy, it is also the sellers decision to sell.  Unless we are convinced that you and your future equine partner are well suited, the horse will not leave our hands.

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Georges Jouvin with his beloved Normandies.