Training Video’s and images

Below is a small selection of our training standards with our horses. It is broad and varied. We cover groundwork and manners, traffic work, off road work, river work as well as open fields and spaces. We expose the horse to situations that you as a private owner are unlikely to experience, beyond the normal. Again, your horses training will be specific to your environment including your riding entourage, as this too is a highly important factor. Our horses are taken out on a different route each time, this is because we want them to be brave in any given and unpredicted circumstance. For the most part, once your horse is home with you, he or she will quickly settle once they know where they are going, what they are expected to do and with whom. However, our job is to provide you with a horse that will go past anything without undue fuss and no arguments. The horse must always reserve the right to be a horse however, and this means they will look and sometimes question; your job is to take confidence that your Jouvin trained horse means you no intentional harm, and in turn you must provide confidence to them.  The investment and time we put in to them from the start to the end product is second to none.